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Yellowstone Country - Fine Art Book - Release Date: June 28, 2017
Yellowstone Country - Fine Art Book - Release Date: June 28, 2017 - Available Everywhere!
Are you ready for a road trip? Lost On Gray Roads Photo Workshops and David Skernick's fine art photography books will take you for a ride along the back roads of the United States. You will be included on expeditions visiting wildlife, nature and landscapes found along the way. You will be swept up in the journey and never be bored or homesick.
David loves to teach photography. Your photo skills will improve whether you sign up for a private photo lesson or a photography workshop. The photo trips are designed to give you great photo opportunities and to teach you the skills you need to make the best possible captures with your camera. Although we may take you to a National Park or similar destination, we will always include those secret spots and back roads that make our trips unique.
David's goal in life is to drive and photograph every back road in the United States. In his fine art books, he invites you along to share what you'll see along the way. Books include a complete list of exposure, equipment and panorama statistics. Enough to satisfy even the techiest photographers.